Innovative Products That Will Make You Feel Like You're Living In The Future

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With all the shopping we do, a product will sometimes enter our lives that changes the game for us entirely. From celeb-approved faves to internet-viral picks, the bar is set pretty high when it comes to things that deserve the shopping golden buzzer. Of course, every now and then, we'll find a product with a genius concept and such brilliant execution that it makes us feel as if we've cracked the cheat code and are living years ahead of everyone else — and, of course, every time this does happen, we can't wait to share the tea with you.

From keyless door locks and self-emptying vacuums to first-of-their-kind pain patches, car diffusers & more, we've rounded up the most innovative finds that have earned shoppers' stamps of approval for going above and beyond in their intended functionalities. If you've been on the hunt for ways to improve your day-to-day routines, or you're just curious to see what all the hype is about, keep reading & get ready to shop your way back to the future with us.

Twelve South AirFly SE

Say goodbye to tangled messes of cords with the Airfly SE, which has 8,600+ five-star reviews on Amazon and wirelessly transmits audio from in-fight entertainment, gym equipment, gaming devices, TVs & more to your wirelesss headphones. It has a battery life of 20+ hours and a range of 10 m/33 ft, according to the brand.

One AMazon shopper called this product a "Game Changer," adding, "A must for anyone who travels frequently and wants to use their wireless headphones. The charge lasts a very long time and they sync up very quickly AND stay connected. The little travel bag is a nice plus as well. Highly recommended!"


Nooni Facial Cleansing Tool – Marshmallow Whip Maker

Make your facial cleansers last longer by transforming them into a foam consistency with the Marshmallow Whip Maker. Just a pearl-sized amount of cleanser is needed for a full contianer of foam, and the unique foam texture is softer against your skin while maintaining the same level of deep cleansing. It's also great for mixing two or more of your favorite cleansers to combine into one rich, fluffy marshmallow cloud of mult-benefit cleansing.

One Amazon shopper raved, "This marshmallow foam maker is literally the best purchase I have ever made. It turned my face wash into the softest, marshmallow texture! Makes my face feel super soft and clean! Definitely worth the purchase!"


Philips Fingerprint Door Lock

Upgrade your home security (and cut down on time spent fumbling around for your keys) with this keyless door lock that can be accessed by fingerprint, PIN code, one-time PIN code, or mechanical key. You can customize the experience by setting up to 50 fingerprints & 20 pin codes for trusted friends & family, auto-lock time, voice-guided programming & more.

According to one Amazon shopper, "Very pleased with this electronic door lock. Installation was easy and straight forward, and so far I have had zero issues with the lock. I chose not to use the biometric feature and only the digital keypad/pin to unlock the door. It has worked flawlessly every time. It's easy to lock the door upon exit too. It even talks to you, to alert you that the door is locked or successfully unlocked, and during the setup process. It's also sleek looking and matches well enough with my matte black door handle."


Household Essentials Seagrass Corn Husk Two Tone Basket

Reduce unsighly clutter on your steps consisting of all those items you swore you were going to bring up with you the next time you took the stairs but forget (or conveniently ignore) every time with this chic & unique basket. The basket features a gorgeous two-tone weave and two swing handles for easy carrying.

One Amazon shopper reported, "I have been looking for a basket for the bottom of my stairs to kind of be a "catch all" for items that need to go upstairs. I was never able to find one that didn't take up half of the width of the stairs. This was the perfect solution as it is large enough to hold a good amount of things, but compact enough to not get in the way of using the stairs. I love the looks of it as well!"


Hohm Vessel Waterless Atomizing Diffuser

A diffuser that doesn't require you to precariously fill up a water tank that always seems to spill on the floor every time you try to fill it up? Sign us up. This one-of-a-kind, waterless essential oil diffuser combines design & function by allowing for pure oil output that results in a stronger, more concentrated diffusion.

According to one Hohm shopper, "This was love at first sight. The quality of oils makes my rooms smells for hours. I feel so relaxed when use it and also I can carry with me wherever I go because it is portable. I love it."

Innovative Products That Will Make You Feel Like You're Living In The Future



We prefer to call this Pepper Cannon an investment rather than a splurge, because it's really just that good. Compared to ordinary mills that grind in the 12-28 mesh size range, the Pepper Cannon can grind from eight all the way past 60, making it a go-to tool for all your seasoning needs. It features a quick release top for easy refills, a never-slip adjuster, a base cup for storage & more.

As one Amazon shopper put it, "This pepper grinder is the best one we have ever used. It works perfectly every time without fail. Yes, it's pricey, but worth it. What's that expression….."You get what you pay for"? An excellent pepper grinder!!!!!"


Perytong Sleep Headphones Wireless

I credit these sleep headphones for allowing me to get a decent amount of sleep during my college days, spent in crowded dorms & typical, noisy weekends that lasted into the wee hours of the night (the dorm's hallway acoustics were no joke). The ultra-thin, flat headphone speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side, and the soft material is super breathable & fast drying.

These top-rated headphones have 30,400+ five-star reviews on Amazon, with one shopper writing, "I primarily use this to drown out my wife's snoring, and it works great. I simply set my phone to play white noise and connect it to the headband via blue tooth. The charge lasts all night and the Bluetooth connection stays established each time I use it. It's comfortable on the ears. Its sound is better than airpods and works great for sleeping. Highly recommend."


Lepotec 54-LED Motion Sensor Light

Speaking of sleep, if you tend to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get back home during later hours and try to navigate your furniture-filled home minefield in the dark (inevitably ending up with stubbed toes & shin bruises), these motion sensor lights are a lifesaver. They're also great for use in your closets & cabinets, and they're super easy to stick on & recharge as needed.

According to one Amazon shopper's experience, "I have 2 closets without lights. It was always so hard to find what I wanted in the dark. My sister bought the lights for her closet so I ordered them too. One closet is a small bedroom closet and it works perfectly set to come on when the door is opened. The 2nd closet is a small walk in. I was concerned it wouldn't be bright enough. To my surprise it lights the whole closet really well!! I just wish I had ordered them sooner!!"

$45.99$29.99AmazonreadBeat The Afternoon Slump: The Best Ways To Boost Your Energy & Increase Your Productivity At Work

Command Cord Bundlers – Damage Free Hanging Cord Organizer

Get all those pesky cords attached to your appliances out of sight & out of mind with these nifty hanging cord organizers. According to the brand, they can hold up to two pounds on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, painted concret cinder blocks, laminate, glass, metal, and tiles.

One Amazon shopper called these the "answer to cords hanging out all over." They continued, "Helps to contain cords. I've tried other stick-on and wrap-around tools to help contain my cords and they're either too big and my KitchenAid tilts back and knocks it off or they just don't stick. This is small enough it doesn't interfere and it stays stuck."คำพูดจาก Web Game Casino


Opal Tadpole 4K Webcam With a Clip

Elevate your video calls and content with crystal-clear 4K resolution on the go with the Opal Tadpole. Don't let the small size fool you; this webcam delivers top-notch video performance that instantly transforms any space into a professional conference room.คำพูดจาก Game Casino

According to one helpful Amazon review, "The Tadpole is super cool. The design is excellent and different. Even the packaging is neat. The USB plug being a mute button is a brilliant use of effectively wasted space and the whole thing is TINY. I love that it doesn't add much to my EDC because my bag is full as it is. The audio and video quality is awesome. The app adds a lot of great features and levels of customization and I really am looking forward to being able to use it for meetings and streaming. Honestly, my only gripe would be that I feel like it should come with the case, though it does come with a lens cap. However, if it's meant to be primarily for laptops, then including the case just makes sense to me. Over all, really happy with it. I love to see small companies put out nice, polished products."


Ocoopa Hand Warmers Rechargeable – Pack of 2

If you've been freezing your butt off lately with all this chilly weather, these ergonomic hand warmers are a must-have. They're attached together by strong magnets, and you can use them as a single palm-sized hand warmer or easily separate them into two units perfect for sliding into your pockets. Plus, they double as a portable charger!

One Amazon shopper raved, "Okay, where do I start! I am literally always freezing and it doesn't help that I live in one of the coldest places during winter, Montana. Now when I say these puppies get HOT I mean they get HOT. At their highest temp setting, it almost starts to feel like my hands are burning. However, this is great because it makes my coat pockets feel like a sauna for my cold fingers. I think my favorite thing about this product is the different temp settings and the look of them as well as the carrying bag they come with. Definitely a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."


Smartish Magnetic Cord Holder

Organize your cords and keep your essential chargers within easy reach with this magnetic cord holder that's as chic as it is practical. Available in four different colors, this genius product helps you tidy up tangled messes on your desk, nightstand, and floor, all without the need for sticky, gummy adhesives. It's crafted with a heathered fabric cover, features a magnetic top & grippy bottom, and works with all charging cables, according to the brand.

One Amazon shopper wrote, "I was looking for something that could manage all of my cables in an easy and straightforward way. Well I found it with product. I mean it works really well the charger for my m2 Mac had a super strong connection. I had a few cables that weren't magnetic but they included a small collar like thing that is magnetic that goes onto your cable so you can still use it if your cable isn't magnetic. All in all one of the best office buys I've ever got from Amazon. Will definitely be looking at other smartish products!"


Shark WANDVAC System Self-Empty Cordless Vacuum With 3 Tools

What's better than a vacuum with a self-empty function? One that's on sale for $100 off! Transform the way you clean your home with the Shark WandVac Self-Empty System; this kit comes with a vacuum, nozzle, dock, duster crevice tool, pet multi tool, wand clip & precision dusting kit. Powered by a high-speed motor, the lightweight cordless machine easily goes from room to room to quickly eliminate messes, perform light touchups, and remove stubborn pet hair. When you're all finished, the vacuum's self-emptying system traps dust and compact debris so you won't have to worry about the post-cleanup cleaning.

According to one QVC shopper, "This Shark is really handy in a pinch. My dog makes a mess with his dog food in the house. I can clean it up easily now. My kids track in dirt and grass and now I can easily clean that up too. It gets in little spaces and I like the attachments that come with it. You can never go wrong with a Shark."


BN-LINK BND-60/U47 Indoor Mini 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer – Pack of 2

Automate your home and office with these handy mechanical outlet timers that have over 35,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. They're super easy to use — design your own daily schedule & program your devices to turn on/off in 30-minute intervals by pushing the pins down to turn the timer on.

One Amazon shopper wrote, "I got these timers because I was tired of digital ones that stopped working. These are so easy to set or change. There is an override switch so that you can use lamps normally and change it to timer function when you choose. I am going to order more!"


Kailo The Flex Buddy Pack – 2 Flex Pain Patch Kits

Go pain-free in 2024 & beyond with these first-of-their-kind Kailo patches. This value pack comes with two reusable Flex patches & 10 free adhesives, and the patches work by connecting with your nervous system and soaking up broken signals, which in turn helps yur body refuce pain. Perfect for those on the go, these patches work fast and are soft & reusable. Plus, they're made of raw conducting elements like copper, meaning they won't stink.

According to one Kailo shopper's experience, "Bought for my mom. She had lung surgery 14 months ago and has had constant pain from the surgery and multiple chest tubes effecting the ribs. She couldn't even stand to prepare a meal for more than 15 minutes without running to sit in terrible pain! These are a life changer. She can prepare a meal or go to a store and shop without being in pain!"


Aera Go Diffuser

Elevate your driving experience with this sophisticated car diffuser featuring 10 easily adjustable strength settings. It's connects to USB power, has a capsule life of up to 350 hours of driving time, auto on/off functionality, and no-fade fragrance technology. In other words, each and every drive is sure to be amazing. After all, a little aromatherapy can go a long way when you're stuck in stressful traffic as you make your dreaded daily commute.


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