Your Complete Guide to Figure Skating at the Beijing Olympics

If you’re a figure skating fan, the Olympics are the culmination of the sport’s constantly evolving skills, its drama and the inevitable tension and controversy over the judging. The 2022 Winter Olympic Games promises to deliver on all cylinders, from insane jumps to rivalries and training mates turned competitors.

The 11 figure skating events promise to raise the bar on what&…

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What to Know About the U.S. Soccer Team in the Women’s World Cup

Generational behaviors often confound the members of the 2023 U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT). In that sense, the USWNT locker room is not unlike most modern-day American workplaces. While older players scoff at the habits of the near-teenagers on the squad, with their TikToks and uses of phrases like “rizz”—that’s Gen Z shorthand for charisma—the y…

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