Netflix’s ‘Painkiller’- TV Review

The most poignant moments of Netflix’s OxyContin docudrama Painkiller come at the very beginning of each episode. Instead of getting the standard disclaimer out of the way with onscreen text clarifying that some aspects of the show have been fictionalized, the creators recruited parents who lost children to opioids to read it. Then they tell their stories, of young adults cut down in…

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Why This Stanley Cup Is Causing a Frenzy

A limited edition Stanley stainless steel tumbler has caused mayhem at Target stores across the U.S., as buyers rush to get the cups.

Released Dec. 31 as part of Target’s “Galentine’s Collection,” the Cosmo Pink and Target Red tumblers quickly sold out online and in stores. The demand is high—a recent video showing a crowd of people rushing to get the cups off a display shelf a…

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